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Some Trump Aides Want a New Leader at the Fed


(Bloomberg) Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s candidacy for another term is encountering resistance from some Trump administration advisers who want a new leader at the U.S. central bank, according to two administration officials, even as the Treasury secretary indicated she may still be in the running.

While White House officials are aware that Fed chiefs in the past have been asked to stay regardless of party affiliation, some advisers are keen to install their own pick in the coveted seat, two officials said on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations. The selection process is in the early stages. Publicly, Yellen hasn’t been ruled out.

President Donald Trump has until the fall of this year to make a decision on a central bank chief and hasn’t given much thought yet to the qualities he’d like to see in potential contenders, according to another administration official, who like the others spoke about the matter on condition of anonymity.

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Refugee 'Contractors' whine about not meeting 110,000 “target” for FY17 ( You Pay Them ! )

RefugeeResettlementWatch| by Ann Corcoran

Broken record alert! (and apologies to all who have been paying attention).
Here is one more whiny report  where the federal refugee resettlement contractors*** bitch to their media lackeys about Donald Trump’s modest slowdown of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.  This particular passage in the CBS whinefest caught my attention.

.several refugee resettlement agencies said that at the current pace, they won’t meet their targets for the fiscal year, which runs from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. They also said it was not clear how the United States will accept 110,000 refugees during this period — a ceiling set by President Obama which remains in place.

*** Here for the umpteenth time are the nine federal 'contractors' that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US, many are more than 90% funded by taxpayers.  We recently learned that  

JS: Be sure to click on EMM below for story on EMM--You PAY for this Episcopal program.
More information below. I moved this list up so we can all focus on these Contractor groups.

EMM is 99.5% funded by you

60 Percent of Missouri Voters Want Legal Immigration Cut!

A new poll of Missouri voters shows widespread support for cutting legal immigration levels, where the U.S. currently takes in roughly 1.5 million legal immigrants every year.

In the survey by Pulse Opinion Research of 1,000 likely midterm voters in Missouri, 59 percent said they supported a 40 percent or more reduction of legal immigration.

Additionally, when voters were asked how many legal immigrants should be admitted to the U.S. and given lifetime work visas every year, 63 percent said they favored only 500,000 or less gaining the privilege.

When that figure is broken down and voters were allowed to choose more specific levels of yearly immigration,  

25 percent said no lifetime work visas should be given, while 22 percent said only 250,000 legal immigrants should be given the work visas.

About 56 percent of likely voters also said they want to see the elimination of the visa lottery, where 50,000 new legal immigrants from all over the world are brought to the U.S. after they are randomly selected. The lottery is solely based in adding “diversity” to the U.S. and does not weigh the skill-sets or education.

Missouri likely voters similarly oppose the U.S. federal government bringing in droves of non-immigrant foreign guest workers on a variety of work visas in order to keep labor costs down.

Roughly 67 percent of voters said it would be better to “raise the pay to attract Americans without jobs even if prices rise.”

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Video Sean Hannity Show 4 Min VIDEO--Montage: Obama Praises Islam

 From Sean Hannity Show


Germanic Umma--A Germany with a new purpose and new faith.

FrontPageMag| Michael Finch
Germany will be Islamic in about two decades.  The process by which this happens and the results of this transformation will be consequential beyond measure, not just for Europe, but for the world.  And Germany’s acceptance of Islam as its national religion will be peaceful and seamless.  In making this prediction, I am certainly not alone; many books are being written about the fall of Europe.  Yet while many assume this is the “end” of Europe, that the wave of Islamic immigration and migration will cause a collapse,. I am not so certain.

Europe is not “dying.”  Western Civilization as we have known it for two millenniums is dying, but Europe as a grouping of over 700 million people with technology and economies that match America and China is far from dying.

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Trump Attackers Still don't get it or Not smart enough to Give Up


Orig Title  The Donald Trump hiring crisis means America's got no talent

(USA TODAY| Brian Klass) The United States government is suffering from a new phenomenon: the Trump Brain Drain. For the first time in memory, the American government is having difficulty recruiting the best and the brightest at the highest levels of power.

Qualified public servants are turning down plum government jobs because they don't want to be exposed to the risks of serving in President Trump's White House. West Wing power-brokers are lawyering up (even Trump’s lawyer has hired a lawyer). A special counsel is reportedly investigating the president himself for possibly obstructing justice.

The reputational risk of working for Trump’s administration is enormous, and it's not just because of the endless spiraling scandals. There's also the now routine Trumpian ritual of sacrificing his staff on his altar of self-sabotage. We all know the drill: Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders or another sacrificial lamb offers up a flimsy lie to protect Trump.

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WELL DONE, DEMOCRATS: The Entire State Of Illinois Is About To Go Bankrupt


(Daily Wire) Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) of Illinois believes that his state is on the verge of "banana republic territory" because the state faces an imminent financial crisis. As described in a story published by The Fiscal Times on June 12:
Last week, the state marked the second full year in which Gov. Bruce Rauner and a combative Democratic legislature were unable to agree on a new operating budget. The state Senate the week before rejected a House-passed budget measure premised on a $7 billion revenue shortfall after Rauner threatened to veto it.
The article further explained the state's financial predicament:
The state was responsible for a record backlog of unpaid bills totaling $14.7 billion, causing fear among programs and local agencies dependent on state aid. State legislators also failed to approve a stand-alone kindergarten through 12th-grade education budget that was vital to the operations of the financially struggling Chicago school system, Reuters reported. A $15.7 billion bill to ensure schools open in the fall passed the Senate but was soundly defeated in the House.
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Flint stabbing was retaliation for US wars in Middle East: FBI

(NYPOST) An America-hating terrorist from Canada cried “Allahu akbar!” and stabbed a cop in the neck at a Michigan airport Wednesday — and later told the FBI he was avenging the deaths of Muslims in the Mideast, authorities said.

The feds identified the attacker as Amor Ftouhi, 50, who entered the US from Quebec on June 16.

FBI special agent David Gelios said during a press briefing that authorities believe Ftouhi acted alone, and that he told them during interrogation that he “had a hatred for the US” for killing people in the war-torn countries and that “you are all going to die.

Lt. Jeff Neville was standing at his post at the top of an escalator at the Bishop International Airport in Flint at about 9:45 a.m. when he was attacked from behind with what Gelios said was a 12-inch knife with an 8-inch serrated blade.

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China Proposes Halt to U.S. Military Exercises in South Korea at Talks


Free Beacon| by Bill Gertz

China proposed halting U.S. military exercises with South Korea as part of a nuclear deal with North Korea during high-level talks at the State Department on Wednesday, according to U.S. officials.
The Chinese raised what Beijing calls "dual suspension" of U.S.-South Korean war games and North Korean nuclear and long-range missile tests at the first meeting of the administration's Diplomatic and Security Dialogue, said two officials.

The American side rejected the idea of canceling U.S. military exercises as a tactic tried in the past that was unsuccessful in convincing the North Koreans to give up their nuclear arms programs.

The talks came a day after President Trump cast a shadow over U.S.-China ties by suggesting China had failed to rein in North Korea, a fraternal communist state that maintains close military relations with Beijing.

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Iran Threatens to ‘Depose’ Trump as Military Readies Missile Strikes on U.S. Forces

Free Beacon|Adam Kredo

A senior Iranian leader and confidant of the Islamic Republic's president is threatening to "depose" President Donald Trump if he continues his policy of confronting Iran and its terror proxy groups in the Middle East, according to recent comments that come as Iranian military leaders threaten missile strikes on U.S. forces and bases in the region.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, a leading Iranian politician and ally to President Hassan Rouhani, claimed this week that the Trump administration is too "fragile" to confront Iran and that if U.S. officials do "anything unwise against Iran," the Islamic Republic will see that Trump is "deposed," according to Farsi-language comments independently translated for the Washington Free Beacon.

The threats come as Iranian politicians and military leaders amp up their rhetoric against the Trump administration following a series of strikes in Syria on Iranian-backed forces bolstering embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

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Special election sweep boosts Trump agenda


(The Hill) Republican sweep of four contested House special elections this year has handed President Trump and his party a much-needed boost to move a healthcare bill and perhaps more of their stalled legislative agenda.

GOP officials in Washington breathed a sigh of relief after their candidate, Karen Handel, fended off Democrat Jon Ossoff in a Georgia runoff election Tuesday night — a race that Democrats had poured tens of millions of dollars into and billed as a referendum on the unpopular president and his policies.

Republican Ralph Norman on Tuesday defeated Democrat Archie Parnell by an even narrower margin — a little more than 3 percentage points — in a South Carolina race that received far less national attention.

ore specifically, staunch repeal advocates will point to the Georgia results to argue that skeptical Senate Republicans can back repeal of the health law without risking reelection. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) plans to unveil his own healthcare bill on Thursday and put it on the floor next week.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Live in a Typical Kansas town...Until the Mega-Mosque Came was dropped In

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Kansas: Mayor, FBI attend Opening of Mega-Mosque in Overland Park

By Creeping Sharia

Several years ago, all that sat on this vast acreage of farmland was a small home. 
Then Muslims purchased the home BELOW and converted it into a Mega-Mosque.  

Now across the street from a public library and an elementary school sits THIS enormous mega mosque.

Overland Kansas population in 2010 was about 175,000 people.

NOW  Johnson County is home to about 5,000 Muslims. 

Excerpted from Islamo-pandering puff piece on Islam and Muslims. Source: Cross Section Of Community Celebrates New Mosque In Overland Park | KCUR

Crowds streamed into the new classic masjid, Arabic for mosque, at the Islamic Center of Johnson County.

Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach did the official honor of cutting a ceremonial ribbon for the construction project, which was conceived a decade ago.

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JS: My question, were the citizens of this Kansas town told there might be a Mega Mosque built in their town and given a chance to votes yes or no if they wanted the Mosque in their town?

Why should the mayor or zoning Comm get decide if Overland Park KS continues to be an typical midwestern type town or have its character changed forever overnight. A Mega Mosque changes everyone's life

State Department Opens Formal Inquiry Into Clinton’s Handling of Emails

(FreeBeacon) The State Department has opened a formal probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides to determine whether they mishandled classified information with their email practices while serving in government.

The department's investigation seeks to determine whether Clinton or her aides violated government procedure by using her private email server to send and receive classified information, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Clinton and her top aides still have security clearances to access sensitive information despite being under investigation.

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In Major Diplomatic Shift, North Korea Open To Halting Nuclear, Missile Tests

Zero Hedge|by Tyler Durden

Is Trump about to have his biggest diplomatic victory yet?

According to Yonhap, North Korea's top envoy to India on Wednesday offered a conditional moratorium, i.e. halt, on his country's nuclear and missile tests in what was said to be an "apparent bid to hold talks with the United States." While the North Korean offer is conditional, its "demands" are hardly outrageous.

North Korea Ambassador to India Kye Chun-yong said Pyongyang is willing to talk in terms of freezing its nuclear and missile tests under certain circumstances. "If our demands is met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium of such as weapons testing," Kye said in English in an interview posted on the website of India's television station WION.

He suggested that one of the key demands is the halt of the U.S. joint military drills with South Korea, which Pyongyang denounced as a rehearsal for invasion. Seoul and Washington say their annual exercises are defensive in nature.

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200 Million Americans Had Personal Details Exposed by RNC Marketing Firm

(Red State) It’s 2017 and long past the days when being naive about cyber security is a valid excuse for organizations we entrust with our personal details to leave them unsecured.

That’s exactly what happened with more than 200 million American citizens’ personal details — including address, phone number, birthdate, and political party affiliation — the marketing firm Deep Root Analytics left exposed on a server with unsecured settings since being contracted by the Republican National Committee. The information was publicly accessible on an Amazon cloud server until recently.

The 1.1 terabytes of unsecured personal information of 62 percent of Americans was found last week by cyber-risk security firm UpGuard. Deep Root Analytics’ founder Alex Lundry told Gizmodo, “We take full responsibility for this situation. Based on the information we have gathered thus far, we do not believe that our systems have been hacked.”

Beyond personal details, the information stored also included each citizen’s stances on hot-button issues, such as abortion and gun control. Religious and ethnic identification were also included.

More at Red State            by Andrea Ruth