Sunday, June 18, 2017

Why electing inexperienced politicians like Trump is backfiring

(NYPOST) In Western democracies now, everybody — everybody — hates professional politicians.

In Britain, the thuddingly conventional Theresa May called an election meant to empower her and barely squeaked by an anti-Semitic terrorist-loving back-bencher loony leftist named Jeremy Corbyn who had spent three decades as his Labour Party’s crazy uncle in the attic. May is a dead prime minister walking.

And of course America elected Donald Trump, while the heart of the party that opposed him belonged not to Hillary Clinton — the Theresa May of America — but rather to a 74-year-old socialist gadfly who has never gotten anything done in the Senate.

Of all the political disruptions of recent years, this is the most significant. Enormous numbers of people no longer view politics either as an art or as a profession — as a complex machine, it takes time and patience and knowledge to master so that its power can be harnessed for a greater purpose.

JS: Politics was never meant to be an art and definitely not a profession. The founders did not want career politicians. Career politicians is what is wrong with politics now and these public servants no longer do the will of the people but work for a Super donor, Super business filling their agenda.
writer john Podhoretz doesnt think non politicians will work in DC.

The startling power shifts of the last year are not revolutionary, but they do constitute a rare voter revolt. And the revolt isn’t against bad policies. It’s a revolt against the very idea of the politician as a professional who has to master his trade like any other professional.


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